Motorola CDM1250 Pelican Case Simplex VHF Base Station Repeater, AAM25KHD9AA2AN


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In stock


Motorola CDM1250 Pelican Case Simplex VHF Base Station Repeater

These excellent condition Pelican Case radios won’t last long! They have been fully serviced and come complete with a new 120 Volt, 10AH battery, CDM1250, Midian RIC-2 Interoperability Controller, new OEM Mic, and antenna. The RIC-2 interoperability controller allows these units to connect to a dedicated phone line, telemetry link, or microwave to key one another. The Pelican Cases have two wing nut connections for the 2-wire external link line. These radios are excellently suited for backup networks, bug-out situations, and setting up reliable communication links on the fly. The unit pictured is black, but we also have high-viz orange in limited quantities.


  • Model: AAM25KHD9AA2AN, 136-174MHz, 25 Watt
  • Midian Electronics RIC-2 Interoperability Controller
  • Mighty Max Battery ML10-12 – 12 Volt 10 AH, F2 Terminal, Rechargeable SLA AGM Battery with factory warranty
  • OEM Microphone for Motorola
  • Hot swap Anderson connectors

Condition and Accessories

  • Excellent condition used units
  • Batteries are new and with warranty
  • Microphones are new
  • Two colors available, while quantities last
  • Remote heads may be mounted normal or inverted, as seen in the first two pictures. 
  • AC wall charger included