Wika 0-1500PSI 23x.34 Extreme Duty Pressure Gauge with 990.34 Threaded Connector


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In stock


Wika 0-1500PSI 23x.34 Sour Gas Pressure Gauge with 990.34 Threaded Connector


Diaphragm seals are used for the protection of pressure measuring instruments in applications with difficult media. In diaphragm seal systems, the diaphragm of the diaphragm seal effects the separation of the instrument and the medium. The pressure is transmitted to the measuring instrument via the pressure transmission medium which is inside the diaphragm seal system.

The diaphragm seal with threaded connection, model 990.34, is suitable for very versatile application areas. Depending on the material, the welded design can also be used for particularly high nominal pressures up to 1,000 bar [14,500 psi]. Another benefit of the welded joint is that no additional sealing between the upper and lower body of the diaphragm seal is needed.

  • 4.5″ Dial
  • 0-1500PSI / 0-10000kPa
  • KN3.2 High Temp
  • 1/2″ NPT Mount
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Mounted on 990.34 Threaded Process Connection
  • Suitable for Aggressive, hot, corrosive, environmentally hazardous or toxic media
Condition & Accessories
  • Excellent condition new units, surplus to the needs of the oil & gas industry
  • Without factory packaging