Stolze EBM S4E High Volume Ventilation Fan, 230VAC Single Phase, 1300-1490RPM


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Stolze EBM S4E High Volume Ventilation Fan

This fan is an ideal choice for agricultural and horticultural applications where dead, stagnant air zones may be present. These fans are designed to be hung vertically by chain but may also be bolted horizontally and used as exhaust air fans. Our units come standard with a 230VAC single phase plug for easy installation.

  • 230VAC, 1.55/1.87 Amp, single phase with plug (see pictures)
  • 2-Speed, 1300/1490 RPM
  • May be mounted vertically hanging or bolted in horizontally
  • QPS Evaluated

Condition and Accessories

  • Good condition used units, fully tested.